Hair Extensions & Enhancements

How long does it take your hair to grow? It seems like forever when you are trying to get long hair. Your hair actually grows approximately 1/2 in. a month. Why wait! We use the finest human hair, no braiding, no gluing, and no damage to your own hair. Safe, painless and with-in hours of stepping into the salon, you can walk out with the longer fuller hair you always wanted.


Wash, color, style, flat iron or curling iron can be used on your new hair! Add your hair to sparse areas, for a fuller more glamorous look and feel, or go all the way and add 20 inches instantly and have people guessing how you did it!

Custom colors to match your own hair perfectly.

Come in and consult with your hair extension professional. Whether you want permanent hair or glamorous hair for the evening, your consultant will discuss with you all of your hair enhancement options.

Hair Pricing:

Full application for length and fullness

$6.00 per hair piece
Average pieces needed 200-300 pieces

Application $150.00 per hour
Average time 1 hour per 100 pieces

Just for body

$6.00 per hair piece
Average pieces needed 50-70 pieces

Hidden Surprise - go with a color to match an outfit or your mood

$10.00 each hair included

Hair extension removable $75.00

Hair extension Touch-up $75.00 per hour (recommended touch-up is every 6 weeks)

Clip in extensions are also available. Hair matching and price at consultation, depending on desired result.