Hair cutting & styling

Cleanse, Cut, Create!

The hair stylist is the only real hair expert, the only person who is able to understand what hair needs and to plan a complete treatment. We believe that Ashley Lauren Salon & Spa offers the finest hair salon services in Springfield. We offer the very best color available in the industry. Our approach reflects the latest in great looks, and fashion from around the world. Our color lines are manufactured by experts in the field of Professional Brands: Matrix, Kadus, Colorly, Redken, and Framesi.

We offer:

Color: Highlighting, multi dimensional weaves and foils, color correcting, permanent and semi-permanent tinting.

Ashley Lauren Salon & Spa wants to give you the best service available, if you are unsure of the service you require, please call and speak directly with a service professional

women's shampoo and haircut Springfield, MO


All of our haircuts include a cleansing, creative cutting & styling.
30-45 minutes: $35.00+

Professional styling & cleansing
30-45 minutes : $25.00+

Iron only - for a quick refresher (hair needs to be washed and dried prior to salon visit)
15 minutes: $15.00+

Men's Haircut Springfield, MO


Cleanse, creative cutting, styling
30 minutes : $20.00+

Cleanse & style
15 minutes: $15.00

Just flat: Iron work only (no cleansing)
15 minutes: $10.00+

Beard clean-up: $5.00



Princess (1-12 years) — 30 minutes: $20.00
Prince (1-12 years) — 30 minutes: $15.00
Baby's first haircut is our pleasure!

Young Ladies (12 & up) — 30-45 minutes: $35.00+
Young Men (12 & up) — 30-45 minutes: $20.00+

Special Day Styling (1-12 years) — 45 minutes: $35.00
Hair must be cleansed and dried prior to appointment.
No product please.

Your children are special to us. At Ashley Lauren Salon & Spa we devote a full appointment to your children.